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Internet and Picture Messaging (MMS) Settings

One of the great things about GoSmart Mobile service is that you can bring your own phone! However, phones previously used with different service providers sometimes need to be set up correctly in order to use the Internet and send and receive picture messages on our network.


If you're bringing your own phone to activate GoSmart Mobile service, use this page to make sure your phone is correctly set up to access the Internet and send and receive picture messages (MMS).


After you activate service with GoSmart Mobile, you may receive one or more text messages with helpful suggestions for setting up picture messaging and Web browsing on your phone. Follow the steps in the message(s) to ensure the simplest setup.


Select correct steps for your phone's software platform:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone
  • All other phones
    1. To determine where in your phone to verify the Internet and MMS settings, please refer to your user manual or your phone manufacturer’s website.
    2. Once you have located the correct menu option for the settings, view the standard and advanced settings below to set up your phone for Internet and MMS.
      Note: The information presented here may contain more details than required by your device. If you need assistance with these settings, please contact your phone manufacturer.


Standard Settings



Advanced Settings

Setting Name (may vary by phone)Configuration Settings
DNS Addresses (Domain Name Server)

West DNS

  • Primary:
  • Alternate:

East DNS

  • Primary:
  • Alternate:

Central DNS

  • Primary:
  • Alternate:
Gateway IP
  • Primary:
    • Port: 8080
  • Secondary:
    • Port: 8080


Port & Browser

  • Phones with a WAP 2.0+ browser use port 8080.
  • Older phones with a WAP 1.0 browser use port 9201.

    Note: 9201 is a general non-secure port.



Header Compression


    • Port = 8080
  • Manufacturers may use a content proxy for their proprietary browser. Contact the phone manufacturer for details.
  • Corporate intranets may require a proxy setting in the browser. Contact your corporate IT support for assistance.
APN (Access Point Name)


Quality of Service (QoS)
  • QoS setting is configured by the GoSmart network.
  • QoS setting defaults to three.
  • Changing the QoS setting on the handset does not affect the connection.
  • Peak rate and mean rate are also automatically set by the GoSmart network.
Dial-up Number


MMS Validity Period72 hours
MMS Hide IDNo or Off


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