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Cannot Send or Receive Picture Messages

Use this page to troubleshoot common issues with sending and receiving picture messages.


Your device may not send or receive picture messages for any of the following reasons:

  • Phone model doesn’t support this capability
  • Incorrect Internet and Picture Message (MMS) Settings
  • Roaming domestically or internationally off the GoSmart Mobile network
  • Device is not registered on the network
  • GoSmart Mobile account is not active
  • Low account balance (required for international dialing/roaming)
  • Message is too large or includes too many recipients
  • Network incompatibility
    Note: BlackBerry, and Sidekick devices cannot be used on the GoSmart Mobile network for web usage and picture messaging at this time.


To troubleshoot picture messaging, perform the following steps:

Please note that GoSmart Mobile does not support sending picture messages while roaming domestically or internationally. Funds must be available in the prepaid account balance to send picture messages to international recipients.

  1. Ensure you are not roaming off the GoSmart Mobile data network, as picture messaging is dependent on the data network. Check your coverage.
  2. If you are using a non-GoSmart Mobile phone, make sure you have the correct picture message settings. See Internet and Picture Message (MMS) Settings.
  3. Send two picture messages to your own phone number.
    • The first message registers your phone with our system, the second ensures you can receive picture messages.
      Note: In most cases, the first picture message you send to your phone will not be visible.
  4. If the second picture message you send to your phone is not received, turn your phone off then turn it on again.
    • After your phone is back on, attempt to send both picture messages again.
  5. Attempt to select the GoSmart Mobile network manually from your phone.
    Note: For more information on manual network selection, see your phone’s user guide.
  6. If you are attempting to send the message to more than 10 people, or if the message is very large, it may fail to send. Try sending a small size image to a single person.
  7. If you are still unable to send or receive picture messages, note the following information:
    • Location where you are using the service
    • Number of signal bars on the phone
    • Make and model of the phone you are using
    • Whether you are able to receive a message
    • The last time you were able to send and/or receive a message
  8. Contact Customer Service with the results of your troubleshooting. When prompted at the main menu, select the option for handset or network support, followed by the option for network problems.
    Important: When calling Customer Service, please use a different phone than your GoSmart Mobile phone. This helps our Customer Service team complete full troubleshooting on your GoSmart Mobile phone.


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